Building Online
Presence & Recognition
for private banks, funds and financial businesses
by creating and promoting useful content that appeals
to your audience's needs and emotions

We create and distribute content that drives leads and sales.

1. Research client needs
We get to know your end customers better than they know themselves (through "deep interviews")

2. Produce content with solutions
We create materials that solve their pains and satisfy their needs (articles, social media)

3. Seed and promote
We target these materials to customers who are on corresponding stages of Customer Journey (Awareness/Consideration/Decision)
Our Services
Content Strategy
"Who should do what with content in order to achieve your goal."

What's included:
- Deep customer interviews, Gains / Pains / Jobs revealing
- Editorial plan, technical descriptions for articles
- Behavior flow design
- Content seeding plan
- Targeting, custom audiences planning
- SEO strategy and forecast
- Style guide

Example of a strategy
Content Production
Producing and distributing content that drives leads.

What's included:
- Expertise gathering, writing, editing, imagery selection and design, publishing
- Content seeding through communities
- Ads launch and optimization
- SEO - keyword optimization, tracking, link building, guest posting
- PR, media reachout
- Tracking analytics goals, reading patterns, comments/likes/shares
- Content improvement and revision

Vintage: How much does a website cost? (top-performing long-read)
Awwwards: The Future of Design According to 7 Web Visionaries
Demigos: Cost of Developing an App like Uber
Vintage: Building the right website for your law firm (based on a research of top 100 legal firms)
Interview with Logan Talbot, VP of Global Brand Partnerships @ Ralph Lauren
Department Launch
Keep it in house: Let us hire, train and lead your people to get results.

What's included:
- Audit of digital assets, team structure, and processes
- Hiring and training your new employees
- Teaching the management
- Launching processes
- Day-to-day management
- Targets achievement
- Passing processes description
- Passing the control over the department
Our Clients

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